Warriors of the Light - Urban Heroes

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WOTL’s new “Urban Heroes” class seeks to recreate the super hero experience, using the “street-level” superhero as its archetype. While we can’t guarantee you’ll develop superpowers, you’ll definitely see your physical potential unlock through our blend of running, parkour, martial arts, and functional strength training.

The Urban Heroes program features a mix of running coaching, movement skill development, techniques from our Modern Combatives program, and strength development through body weight, sledgehammer, and steel club exercises.

You will develop your strength, stamina, dexterity, flexibility, and energy levels. You will also improve your situational awareness and develop practical self-defense tactics; which will better enable you to detect, defuse, and deal with potential or real dangerous situations, with the goal always being to escape. By encouraging you to work hard while keeping the pace light and fun, we will motivate you to tap into parts of your potential you probably never realized were there. We will offer change, variety, and scalability, to allow participants a chance to develop in areas that need strenghtening.

Class focuses will include:
- Running techniques, to improve cardio and prevent injury 
- Parkour techniques such as jumping, vaulting, climbing, and rolling, to improve agility and overall fitness and coordination
- Modern Combatives techniques and drills to impart self-defense skills
- Functional Strength training to improve power, core stability, and explosiveness
- Use of obstacles to promote active learning and constant challenge
- Incorporation of the “Urban Hero arsenal” of steel clubs, sledgehammers, mace bells, and Kali sticks.