Greco Fitness Orléans - Greco Lean & Fit

The “Greco Method” is minute for minute the most effective functional workout on the market.

Last night, I trained at Greco Orléans. Only two words are needed to describe my experience: ''muscle fatigue''. My muscular endurance and my cardiovascular ability were put to the test. I tried their flagship workout. The Greco Lean and Fit is the workout to try if you want to improve your health. 

''During a Greco Lean and Fit class you can expect a wide range of functional movement patterns, combined with athletic movements that will change EVERY day. The traditional class has three rounds of functional and athletic movement patterns, split up with two short bonus rounds that are strategically designed to spike your hear rate for optimal fat loss. All classes will be a well-balanced mix of cardiovascular and resistance training.''

Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by Greg, the Lead Trainer and Director of Programs. He gave me a tour and explained the workout for the night. I quickly realized the camaraderie of the trainers as they laughed and joked together. They were in constant communication with their members making all of us feel welcome. There was a good vibe that's for sure.

We had to do three rounds of 8 exercises during the workout. We worked on our hamstrings and obliques during the first two exercises. After that, we did some one-legged squats followed by push-ups on a medicine ball. We then worked on our core strength. We did some rows with dumbbells. Lastly, we did bear crawls and worked on our quick feet with a hurdle. WE DID THAT THREE TIMES! What a workout! That's not all. In between each round, we did a few AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) for 2-3 minutes. Don't worry, coach Greg was good at modifying some of the exercises I had problems with. Everybody is pushed to their limits and capabilities. Even though we worked extremely hard, the members had a smile on their face. They knew that it was worth it to give it their all. Coach Greg was a good motivator and made us do over a dozen different exercises. The workout was varied and interesting.

Good job Coach Greg! You've got something good going on at Orléans Greco. 


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