Titan Performance Centre - Adult Group Fitness

''We program our classes with the future in mind because we want you to be able to move well now and for years to come! We teach sustainable, natural, and functional movements such as pushing, pulling, squatting, hanging, lifting, crawling, hopping, running, rotating, etc. In doing so, we develop all the components of a good fitness routine including cardiovascular conditioning, strength, mobility and flexibility.''

Meet Joey Kwasniewski, the Titan Performance General Manager:

Last night, I had the pleasure to train at Titan Performance Centre. My coach for the session was Mikaël. What I really enjoyed was that Mikaël is fully bilingual and trained me in French. That's always a bonus for me. He made me try new drills and activities that I hadn't tried yet. Here's a video of Mikaël and I on a TFC-Beam:

As you can see, one of us is better than the other but that's OK. Mikaël made the process enjoyable. As they say: ''You win or you learn.'' If you enjoy the process, you won't fail.

Mikaël was very knowledgeable and patient. He explains the drills and the activities so that you can understand the reasoning behind the workout. He'll offer you coaching points on how to improve your posture and movement efficiency. These coaching points will make you adjust your body to get maximum results from the prescribed exercises.  

The programming ''is Weakness based, which means they target areas of the body that many people have trouble with such as the back, hips, knees, and shoulders. They incorporate movement elements from a variety of training disciplines such as weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga, track, and martial arts (among others), to challenge your body in a multitude of ways with the primary objective of developing strength through a full range of motion which leads to injury mitigation and a body that functions, feels and looks great!'' Who doesn't want a functioning body? You only have one, so take care of it. As I grow older, taking care of my body (and my mind!) is becoming more and more important. I need my body to be useful: picking up my daughter, walking with the family, jog to improve my heart and etc. I strongly think Titan Performance Centre helps their clients achieve their objectives.