Metta Movement & Meditation Studio - Move To Be Free

Activate - Nourish - Rest

Why is this place called Metta?
One of the most beloved or popular meditation practices is the Metta.
It is the practice of wishing good health, tenderness, happiness, and well-being on yourself and others.

Meet the Founder:
After 15+ years as a yoga teacher, Janet decided to step outside the studio walls into nature to expand her movement repertoire and knowledge. She has since trained in MovNat, Restore Human, Animal Flow, Wild Fitness and Wild Health and opened the studio to offer an indoor/outdoor space for others to explore this new and innovative movement revolution taking place across the globe. As important to her as movement is meditation, and she believes healthy minds are as essential as healthy bodies. Her hope is that this community can grow and develop in both these disciplines together in order to create more functioning, balanced, sane and playful humans here in Ottawa.

Meet my coach:
Registered Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher, MovNat level 2 coach, Art du Déplacement / Adaptive movement coach. Movement Instigator and educator. Devin's goal is for you to experience health, happiness and strength in as fun a way as possible, no matter where your starting point is. For more information on Devin, read here.

Move To Be Free Class:
MtBF blends of principles from natural movement, l'Art du Déplacement and other practices that engage our bodies' strengths with the natural and built environment. Running, jumping, crawling, climbing, vaulting... forms of structured play to make us strong and confident to overcome the obstacles in our lives.

I showed up a bit early in order to see what the place is all about. To enter the studio, you have to go through Jamari Espresso House. What a great place with cool vibes. I decided to soak it all in with an organic mushroom tea.

The class started at 7:00 PM and I met Janet, the owner, and Devin, the trainer. We took a picture together before class started (and apparently something funny was said...I don't quite remember).

We started off with a warm-up. We then did some resistance training with medicine balls. Afterward, we moved on to quadrupedal movements (on all fours). There was lots of crawling and animal-like movements. The last part was my favourite. Check out my YouTube video:

I really enjoyed Metta Movement & Meditation Studio. In a world dominated by commercial gyms and sports, it's refreshing to train differently in a natural and sustainable way. It's great to train our body and have to be mindful about our movements. You can't just go through the motions here. It's easy to just bench press mindlessly. This might just be me maturing but I find this type of training to be really beneficial for the body, the mind, and the spirit. You have to think about your movements and fully be present. 

In conclusion, check this place out. It's worth it. From the cool nature-vibes to the heart pumping workouts, you'll love this place. You'll also learn how to move your one and only body. Take care of it. Finally, here's a cool video of coach Devin.