Human 2.0 - Making Exercise Fun

Looking for a fun, medically-endorsed, family run, non-gymish type gym to meet your #fitness needs? Come play, learn, and move with us!

If you've been following me for a while you're surely asking yourself: Why do you keep going back to Human 2.0? The answer is simple. It's a fun, durable and sustainable way of training and staying healthy. I learn something new every single time I visit. Take a look at the video below, you'll see the members laughing, smiling and adding to their movement repertoire.
Enjoyment is so important. If you don't enjoy your training or fitness program, you most likely will not stick with it. I have visited H20 half a dozen times and I haven't been bored once. I'm always learning, moving and enjoying their workouts.

On Saturday October 7 we were in for a treat. We were going to do something brand new. Saturday's session was inspired by the Fighting Monkey style of training. Coach Rick attended yet another workshop a few weeks back (Yes H20 trainers take their education seriously). He went to Toronto to learn more about the FM training methodologies. I was really happy that we got to learn part of it on Saturday because I didn't have to fork out the 550€ that it usually costs to attend such a workshop (like I said, they take their professional development seriously). 

Here's a video explaining what FM is about:
''Which kind of games do you use to stay young?'' FM

This is me playing on Saturday:

I had lots of fun trying this game. Rick really wanted me to work on starting my movement from the hip in order to generate more power. That was a challenge for me. Another challenge was to work with a southpaw stance (right foot forward instead of the usual left). I'll keep working on that at home.

For more ideas on how to use the practice ball view the video below: 

If you haven't done so yet, check them out, first session is free and they currently have a special 50$ for one month of training.