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This morning was my third time visiting Evo Studio. You can read about my first class here. I took part in a Mobilty & Movement training session today and I was very excited. If you're looking to progress in your strength workouts or refine your form, check out their mobility class to increase joint range of motion and muscular flexibility. By practising a dedicated mobility routine, you will be guaranteed to improve in all other aspects of your training. You haven’t discovered your body’s full potential until you gain proper range in all your joints. 

Frank Forencich wrote in his Exuberant Animal book: ''What we really need to do is create a new kind of culture and a new kind of lifestyle - a culture that puts the body back into the center of attention where it belongs, a culture that honors movement, exuberance, play, health and broad-based physicality.'' This is exactly what I enjoy about Evo Studio. In only 60 minutes of training we did all of that. We moved. We played. We learned and we used the entire body. Enjoying the process of becoming healthier is just as important as being healthy. Enjoying the process means that your style of training is sustainable. Subsequently, you should be active for life. This type of training allows you to experience a variety of movement patterns. It's different than exercise. Most people that exercise for 60 minutes go back home to sit on the couch. When you're training movement, you learn how to use your body differently and you can reinvest what you've learned outside of the gym. If I didn't convince you, maybe Katy Bowman can: exercise is good; movement is better.

The following video is a good example of what you do at a mobility and movement class:

This is a very good example of an exercise you'll do where you'll learn how to control your body, have fun with a partner and improve your fitness. I also like this because the more you do it, the better you get and you can then challenge yourself accordingly. Today, I was actually able to manoeuvre around, over and under the stick with better fluidity. I combined movement patterns and I felt great and accomplished. We did half a dozen of partner drills like this. They were all equally as fun and challenging.

It shows that Mélissa is knowledgeable and passionate about her job. The one hour session flew by because we were all having fun. What I really liked about Mélissa's class was that she also answered questions in French. A trainer that can speak French and English is very much appreciated in Orléans. It makes her clients feel comfortable. I can't wait to come back July 29, 2017 and try Evo Studio's Movement Workshop. I always enjoy learning from trainers like Mélissa because they practice what they preach.

Here are my three reasons to try Evo Studio's Mobility and Movement class:

1) Having fun while training is the best investment for your health. Try Evo Studio. Your first session is free. After that, your first month only costs 50$.


2) Location! Location! Location! Having an excellent training location right here in Orléans is great. It also means I get to ask questions and learn in French.

3) Mélissa is a very caring owner and trainer. She takes the time to talk to you before and after her classes. She'll greet you with a smile and she'll make sure to say goodbye to every single client. So if you want to learn, train, improve your fitness and be treated with respect, come to Evo Studio and participate in Mélissa's sessions.