Evo Studio - Bodyweight Strength with Tyler Lapointe

From foundational movement to advanced skills, this program will help you develop full body strength while breaking down movement barriers.

I really enjoyed my 4th visit at Evo Studio. I enjoyed it because coach Tyler was a great teacher. Tyler is a caring coach and likes to speak to all of his clients. He's very athletic and takes the time to teach the basic movements such as pull-ups, push-ups etc. That's so important. Gone are the days of the drill sergeant. This type of training is intelligent. Anybody can make you sweat and work hard. It takes a good trainer to do that and make you think. You can see in the picture above that he's making us think of our body positioning. He does that so that we can improve our form and technique. That's what makes Tyler a great coach. Throughout the session, you could see that his clients were enjoying themselves. They were smiling and laughing. I will most definitely come back for a Bodyweight Strength class.

This is a fun drill we did at the end

Here's a little bit more information on coach Tyler:

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