Ottawa Circus School - Unicycle Club

I am extremely happy that Ottawa has a Circus School. I strongly believe in developing circus skills in order to be more physically literate. The ABCs of movement (agility, balance, coordination and speed) are enhanced while practising and improving your circus skills. I'm also a big believer in the multi-sport approach and I think a circus school is exactly what Ottawa needs right now. If you are interested, they offer classes for children, teens and adults. Their open house will be July 3rd and you can try free workshops. See below for the publicity.

Here’s what they will offer:

- A beautiful and welcoming space where anyone can come learn circus skills and other fun fitness with high quality instruction and equipment.

- Classes in various circus arts for adults and for children (acroyoga, floor gymnastics, aerial silks and trapeze, hula hoop dance, unicycling, juggling and much more)

- Kids classes will start at 4 years old

- Workshop with special guests

- Several different time slots for open free practice

- Circus Day Camp for kids

- Yoga

- Other fun fitness and movement art classes

- A shop to buy circus equipment

Meet the Artistic Director of the Ottawa Circus School:

To find out more about Sophie and her dream click here. Below, is a possible future model for the Ottawa Circus school.

Here are a couple of videos of Sophie in action:

Meet my coach for the night:

The Training session:

Check this video of me unicycling to see what I've learned in one session:

Here are my top three reasons for trying out the Ottawa Circus School:

1) Bilingual staff: If you've been reading my blog posts you know that I really enjoy being able to be taught in French and in English.

2) Playing: What I particularly enjoy about circus arts is that it feels more like playing but you still get the great benefits of exercising.

3) Location: The Ottawa Circus School is easily accessible from the east and west end.