Evo Studio

Evo Studio.. Evo for Evolution!

Upon entering Evo Studio, I quickly understood what this location was about: health, wellness, spirituality and fitness. The front entrance has a very zen like feeling to it and one cannot help but feel calm, peaceful and tranquil. Evo Studio has two rooms that give two different energies. There's a strength room to help you feel energized and the yoga room to help you feel even more zen.

I am excited to start training here and I think it will help with my ability to self-regulate in order to improve my body, mind and spirit.

Evo Studio offers strength, yoga, movement and mobility classes, each designed to improve the way you move and to lift your spirit. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a Weekend Warrior, everyone will benefit from their classes. The variety of classes offered will most definitely improve your physical literacy. If you train here, you will also improve your ABCs of movement (agility, balance, coordination and speed). Your physical competence and self-confidence will dramatically improve which should result in a lifelong participation in a wide variety of physical activities. 

Evo Studio believes in proper process and positioning when training, they teach you how to master your movements and maximize your recovery. It is important to combine different training practises in order to have a better quality of life and balance. That is why they offer strength training, yoga classes and movement/mobility classes all in one location.

What a great location to have right here in the heart of Orléans.

The Owner

I met with Mélissa on a few occasions before trying Evo Studio and I appreciate what she's trying to accomplish in Orléans. I truly believe Evo Studio will have lots of success. Mélissa's programming is solid and the story behind Evo Studio is inspiring.

The Trainers

Learn more about the 11 other trainers by clicking here. There's a vast amount of knowledge in Evo Studio's team. Here are their specialities: bodyweight strength, evo fit, mindful meditation, mobility, core strength, power yoga, yoga tune up, eldoa, skills improvement, slow flow, yin yoga, gentle yoga, kids yoga and etc. Here I am benefiting from the experience of coach Tyler and Mélissa practising my mobility and movement:

Strength Classes

Whether you’re doing an intense CrossFit workout or lifting a bag of groceries; their goal is to build an important foundation of the human form, body awareness and control, by strengthening the most common at-risk areas of the body, working basic movements and making them safer.

Yoga Classes

This location offers so many yoga classes. I don't think yoga enthusiasts would ever get bored here. You can try the following yoga classes: yin, yoga tune up, evo flow, evo power, core sculpt, gentle, vinyasa flow, mindful meditation, kids yoga and foundations yoga.

Mobility and Movement Classes

As I'm getting older, mobility and movement is becoming more and more important. I'm a big fan of Ido Portal, Ryan Hurst/GMB Fitness, MovNat, Katy Bowman, Kelly Starrett, Rootless Roots Fighting Monkey and I'm glad that there's a location in Orléans where I get to practice mobility and movement. The video below is a nice visual of a mobility and movement class.

Performance training

Evo Studio really has everyone in mind, from children to seniors and recreational athletes to elite. To cater to the elite athletes they offer what's called performance trainingSports performance is a training of the body and the mind to prepare athletes of all levels. Unlike broader general fitness approaches, their coaching staff will design and implement training specific to each sport and position played by the individual. They will work with you to improve your movement technique, decrease the risk of injury and optimize overall performance. Click here to find out more.

This is another video that gives you an inside look of some of the classes offered:

Want to learn more about my physical literacy and Evo Studio? Here are my upcoming workouts:

ELDOA - June 24