Evo Studio - Mindful Movement Workshop with Brendan Garofolo

All you need is a body to move with!

Wether you're an athlete, or simply looking to move your body better, this workshop is for you! Garanteed you will benefit from it!

In this workshop we will look at how to develop joint integrity, mobility, and coordination all while maintaining a playfully curious environment.

While a movement practice has many things to offer, perhaps what sets it apart the most is its ability to be practiced over an entire lifetime. There are no age ranges and no prerequisites.

Finally we will discuss how we can incorporate more movement into our daily lives as well as into any current practices you may already have.

So whether you're an athlete looking for a competitive edge or you just want to learn to move your body better, come join us on July 29th and discover just what a movement practice has to offer!

P.s. Feel free to bring a notebook, any questions can be answered after the workshop.

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