Evo Studio - ELDOA (Spinal Alignment) with Rob Smith

''ELDOA is a series of stretching and strengthening postures designed to induce tension in the targeted joints, creating space. Benefits include improved posture, back pain relief, muscle tone and increased sense of well being.''
Evo Studio

I was expecting to stretch quite a bit but I wasn't expecting to workout as much. I guess I overlooked the word ''tension'' in the description. Wow, what a great session! If you sit all day, suffer from back pain and want to increase your back mobility, come and try an ELDOA session at Evo Studio. Your first session is free so why wouldn't you?

What I particularly liked about Rob's class is that this was a weakness based training session for me. Meaning, I got to work on my #1 weakness, which is posture, to make me a stronger and a more physically literate human being. This isn't something I would of done at home alone and this is why it's great to have a location with experienced trainers, coaches and practitioners that train their clients to align their spine. I truly feel like I've improved my flexibility and range of motion. I also really liked that Rob would correct my posture during the session. He never made me feel bad or out of place. He would offer suggestions on how to improve my positions and they always worked.

During an ELDOA (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretches) session, clients will work on postures designed to create space between joints. It aims to reduce pain and align musculoskeletal structure. This improves posture and helps heal/prevent wear and tear on the soft tissues.

Professional Athletes from the NHL, PGA and more are taking up ELDOA for improvement of both performance and injuries. The creation of space in joints reduces compression in an ELDOA practice, and can relieve both acute and chronic traumas. A continued practice will improve stability, cardiovasular delivery and core function.

This was my first time trying the ELDOA method and I don't think it's offered elsewhere in Ottawa.

About Rob Smith:

The focus of his teaching is to create awareness and opening in the body’s always changing state. He began teaching as a way of offering others the healing benefits of determined mindful practice.

He has sought to expand his learning and share it with others. He studied Hatha Yoga at the 200 and 300 hr level in Rishikesh, India, in addition to ELDOA I-II and Mysofacial Stretching. He has trained in a variety of yoga styles including Yoga Tune Up, Power, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini, and more. His favourite type of class to take is Yoga Flow/Vinyasa. Needless to say, he's extremely experienced.

His classes have been described as inclusive – in style, method and participants! He recommends everyone try out ELDOA – a class designed to create space in the vertebral joints – it is an excellent compliment to any kind of practice/workout.

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