Patenaude Martial Arts Orléans - 7 Day-Class Pass

This week, I am taking advantage of the 7 day-class pass being offered at Patenaude Martial Arts - Orléans. I will be updating this post during the week because I plan to go back and try as many different classes as possible. Already, I've tried a Fang Shen Do class and a Kickboxing class.

I learned so much in the 90 minutes I was there that it'll be hard for me to remember everything we did. The first part of my night was a FSD class. The FSD curriculum is all about practical and realistic self-defense. You will learn many self-defense and kung-fu techniques that will also improve your cardio-vascular capability, your flexibility and your strength. All of this happened while having fun and learning. I really enjoyed having the veteran participants and the instructors there because they offered the ''newbies'' great advice on how to perform the techniques. I also absolutely loved the bilingual services offered. Great job Sifu Stéphane Patenaude! Merci beaucoup!

After we learned and practiced a few self-defense and kung-fu techniques, we moved on to the fitness portion of the FSD class. A few days later, my legs are still feeling the burn. The fitness component of the work out is a circuit style training where you will work out the entire body. You'll train your core, your legs and you'll even get to hit a punching bag.

We finished off the FSD class with a power punching drill that looks like this:

I then stuck around for a kickboxing class. It felt great to practice my jab, cross, hook, uppercut and roundhouse kick again. I was partnered up with a very good kickboxer and he helped me out with my technique. Here's a quick video that ressembles my kickboxing workout:

My greatest challenge was when I was held the pads. Holding the pads properly for your partner is good brain training because you have to remember the combination sequences. I messed up quite a few times but my training partner was awesome and made me feel welcome.

2nd session

I showed up to Patenaude for a 2nd time and was delighted to hear that it was a striking session. It was a Sanshou lesson to be exact. My partner for the night, David, told me that it's aka as Chinese kickboxing. What's great about Patenaude is that I got to train with David. He also happens to be an instructor (he was my instructor for the FSD class I took a few days ago).

I got to work on my combinations which is my favourite part of practising martial arts. The instructor for the night was Derrick. He made us do a variety of combinations. We did jabs, uppercuts, elbows and roundhouse kicks. I'll be back one more time and I'll have a few videos for you.

3rd session

My last session was Fang Shen Do. Here's a quick video demonstrating one of the skills I learned:

Here are three reasons to try Patenaude Martial Arts:

My #1 reason has to be the bilingual instructions given. If you've read my other blogs you know that's a big plus for me.

My second reason is that the instructors also take part in the classes. Every single class I attended there were instructors learning and participating. They are teachers AND learners.

My third reason is Sifu Stéphane Patenaude. I had the pleasure of talking to him after my week trial and he explained to me the history of his dojo. He was really passionate about his work. He was also respectful of other martial arts. He cares for his clients and speaks to all of them. I saw him speak with veterans, newbies and children.

Again, thanks for having me Stéphane and I will see you in the future!