Ottawa JKD - Jeet Kune Do

Happy Friday everyone. Last night, I went to Ottawa JKD for a Jeet Kune Do class. JKD was founded by Bruce Lee around 1965. JKD ''is a kind of Chinese martial art that does away with the distinction of branches, an art that rejects formality, and an art that is liberated from tradition (...) Jeet Kune Do rejects all restrictions imposed by forms and formality and emphasizes the clever use of the mind and body to defend the attack.'' (Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way - Jeet Kune Do, Compiled and edited by John Little) 

The session started with some footwork. The best way for you to understand JKD footwork is by watching this short video:

The footwork drills was a great way to get the body and the mind ready for the training that was about to begin. Afterwards, we moved on to a few different striking combinations with our fists. We then worked on some trapping. From what I understand, trapping is used to immobilize your opponent's attack. In JKD, you want to immobilize your opponent while attacking simultaneously. In order to achieve this, you must have a great mind-body connection. We finished the session with shin kicks. I think that was my favourite part of the night because we got to kick eachother's shins. Don't worry, we were wearing hockey shinguards. Most of what I've learned is actually shown in this video:

and...this is me from last night: 

The instructor with me is Sifu Darryl D'Amico. Sifu Darryl is extremely qualified. Here are his credentials and certifications:

Credentials & Certifications:
– Certified 2nd Generation Full JKD Instructor
– Certified 2nd Generation Weapons Instructor
– Black Sash, Modern Wing Chun (Fang Shen Do)
– Level 5 Instructor Commando Krav Maga (CKM)
– Level 2 instructor Women’s Commando Krav Maga (WCKM)
– Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist
– Founder & Chief Instructor, Ottawa Jeet Kune Do International Instructor Team

What I liked most about Sifu Darryl is his teaching style. He's serious about his work but will often make his students laugh. I saw from the start that his students truly see him as a teacher. He introduced me to his students and told them to make me feel welcome. That they did! I worked with a few veterans and they were very patient with me. Sifu Darryl also likes to teach about the philosophies behind JKD. He's very knowledgeable in his domain. He taught us the four key principles of JKD:

1. • Economy of motion
2. • Simplicity
3. • Longest weapon to the nearest target
4. • The elimination of passive moves, always HIT!

Here are my 3 reasons you should visit Ottawa JKD:

1) You will learn with Sifu Darryl. He has a great group of students who are all very friendly (but fierce!).
2) Because of reason #1, you will feel accomplished because and you will come out more confident in your physical literacy
3) Bruce Lee! Who doesn't like Bruce Lee?