Human 2.0 Part 3 - Athlete Run and Athlete Group with Spencer

As I've previously explained here and here, Human 2.0 is a special training facility. I had the pleasure last night to try two classes. It was also with a trainer I've never had, Spencer. I had quite an amazing workout and learning experience.

First off, let's find out more about Spencer. He currently works for Human 2.0 and the Ottawa 67's as the strength and conditioning coach. As you can see, you're in good hands if you try the Athlete Run or Athlete Group class. He's also interned for Chris Schwarz, the Ottawa Senators' conditioning coach. How many people in the industry get to say that they've interned for one of the top guys? Not that many I imagine. His knowledge of athletic movement is incredible. I've been working in the fitness industry for 10 years as a personal trainer specialist, a sports conditioning coach, a fundamental movement skills specialist and a physical education specialist and still I learned so much. Spencer has a good eye and provides great coaching cues. He will make you a better athlete without a doubt. Learning is just as important, if not more, than getting a good workout. Luckily for me, I learned and had an intense workout while mastering the basics of athletic movement.

Now for the first part of my workout. The first 30 minutes was called ''Athlete Run''. During this class, you will do a variety of speed and agility drill plus general conditioning that can be applied to any sport or activity. We started off with a basic dynamic movement warm-up to get our heart and muscles ready. There were a few movements that were new to me so Spencer took the time to explain to me the proper way of executing these movements. That's what I liked about Spencer. He made sure you did the little things right. It's easy for a trainer to get you to do x amount of reps but a good trainer will make you focus on the little things and make sure you're doing it right.  Afterwards, we did some running and agility drills with cones. We ran quite a few patterns and Spencer helped with our running techniques by giving us appropriate feedback. I enjoyed the Athlete Run and I kind definitely see why community coaches choose H20 to do their dryland and SAQ training.

The last part of my workout lasted 60 minutes. It was called ''Athlete Group''. We accomplished so much in 60 minutes that it's hard to remember everything. We worked on the basic movements of conditioning. We did some pulling, pushing, hinging, lunging, squatting, jumping and lifting. Spencer broke down all of the movements so that we could do them correctly and safely. Here's an example of a pushing exercise we did:

We also worked with kettlebells, dumbbells, gymnastic rings and hurdles. We had a series of exercises to do and we had to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Needless to say, I need to stretch tonight and use my foam roller. I can't wait to go back and try it out again. If you haven't been to H20 yet, you're missing out!