Oodi Boodi - Beginner Hula Hoop Class

My core is on fire. After 60 minutes of hooping. I feel it in my back, in my abdominals and in my obliques. I had lots of fun at Oodi Boodi's Beginner Hula Hoop Class. 

My coach for the night was Melissa. She wants her clients to have fun while getting fit. Melissa was able to have all of her clients progress during their first session. Some were offered progressions because they mastered the basics. Some were offered modifications because of personal injuries. She had a good eye and made sure everybody felt they were succeeding at hooping. Melissa is able to offer a fitness class that's fun and possible for all levels. I highly recommend that you try a class and you'll see that it feels more like playing and with all the benefits of working out.

Here's what the class looked like:

- The different types of hoops were introduced
- Forward and Backward Waist Hooping
- Side to Side Waist Hooping
- How to recover your hoop when it starts to fall
- Walking while waist hooping
- The Sparkle
- Transition move (bringing the hoop up smoothly over our heads)
- The Swirly
- Transition move
- Inside Out ISO (isolation)
- Portion of the hoop dance

At the beginning of the class I wasn't able to hoop and I want to show you what you can accomplish in one session.

If you practice as much as Melissa does, you can accomplish a lot in hooping. Check out her Youtube videoHooping is her passion and she loves to share it with those around her. When she hoops, all the stresses and frustrations of daily life slip away for awhile and even feel a little more manageable afterwards. It is her escape and her solace. 

What I liked about hooping is that you get a great workout while playing. If you've read my other posts you'll know I'm a big fan of adults playing.

Here are three reasons to try Oodi Boodi:

1) The coach: You will learn and improve when training with Melissa. She created a program that's about playing and having fun. She is really passionate about hooping. She even lost 25 lbs while hooping.

2) The equipment needed: You don't need to bring your own hoop. Melissa provides all of her clients with a hoop. If you want, she can even make you one. Click here for more info.

3) Nostalgia: It felt great to play again. You can definitely get good vibes from playing and feel great afterwards. 

If you're interested in joining the class, please check out this Facebook event.