Spring Action Trampoline Center - Adult Class

Spring Action Trampoline is a very unique place in Ottawa. This location has 6 Olympic high performance trampolines, a double-mini trampoline and a 20 foot foam pit. My class started at 8:30 PM. I was feeling a bit nervous because my fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills in the air aren't the best. However, once Caitlin, my coach for the night, introduced herself and met the other participants I felt at ease.

Caitlin is a NCCP level 3 certified coach in trampoline. She's also an Air Sense certified coach through the Canadian Freestyle Association. She's been with Spring Action for 6 years now. What I especially liked about Caitlin's coaching style is her simple yet effective feedback. She analysed my movements and gave me one tip at a time. Once I ''mastered'' what she asked of me, she would offer another suggestion on how to improve my physical literacy. To me, that is excellent coaching. Often coaches will fall in the trap of talking too much and offering too many tips. She wasn't one of those coaches. Great job Caitlin!

What I particularly enjoyed about my class is that it felt more like playing than working out. My muscles today are sore! I had a great workout. It was fun to jump on the trampolines and play on the trapeze.

As you can see, Spring Action Trampoline isn't only about being on a trampoline. There's a trapeze, a tight rope and some aerial silks as well. I'll post more pictures on my Facebook page for you to see.

Here's another quick video that shows you what Spring Action looks like:

After a lot of jumping and trying to crawl out of the foam pit (now I know how my toddler feels when she's trying to get up), I decided to talk to Sean, the owner. Sean is a level 3 NCCP trampoline coach, he's a Master Learning Facilitator through the Canadian Freestyle Association and a NCCP Gymnastics Ontario Learning Facilitator & Course Conductor. He created something special here. A place where children, adults and families can come to learn and play. What is extremely interesting about Spring Action is the location. It's located on Canotek Road which means that the east end and the west end people can easily get to it.

Spring Action offers many different programs for children, teens, adults and masters. They also help freestyle skiers and snowboarders improve their techniques.

Here are my three reasons to try this location:

1) It's unique. Come try a class. You'll get to do some aerial silks, trapeze and trampoline.
2) It's very well located. If you live in Orléans, it only takes 10 minutes to get there. If you live in the west end, it'll take you 10-20 minutes.
3) The coaches are all certified and you will see improvements after one session.