Aerial Antics - Trapeze and Stretch & Bend

After my visit at Aerial Antics, I feel accomplished. Last night, I tried a trapeze class and a stretching class. I have successfully added new skills to my movement repertoire. I've seen Aerial Antics' athletes in action when I visited Laws of Motion. The things they did in the air were amazing. I can now say that I can do some of those skills and that's only after one session. If I can have success so can you.

Aerial Antics offers professional training and performances on aerial fabric (silks), static trapeze, aerial hoop (lyra), rope (corde lisse) and aerial sling (hammock). 

My coach for the Trapeze class was Victoria Howard. Victoria was a great coach who inspired me to believe in myself. She offered great advice. Her coaching cues were spot-on. Check out this neat video of us performing a move called ''Sleeping Beauty''.

What I enjoyed most about last night's Trapeze class is that this workout felt more like playing. I felt like a child playing on monkey bars. The owner, Melissa, really created a unique way to experience movement. All of her clients were really friendly and made me feel at home.

After the Trapeze class. I participated in a Stretch & Bend class. Stretch & Bend compliments your flying and flipping with increased flexibility. In this class you will work toward touching your toes - possibly to your head - and maybe backwards! You will focus on active stretching of the legs, hips, shoulders and back to help you fly and flip safely and achieve your best. Bronwyn, my second coach for the night, really helped me stretch and feel good after playing with a trapeze. She was very knowledgeable and helped me improve my range of motion. As a matter of fact, she also teaches yoga.

I really like what Aerial Antics has to offer. I strongly suggest you try out a class. You'll learn new skills while feeling like a kid again. You'll play. You'll laugh. What more could you ask for?

Here are my top 3 reasons to visit Aerial Antics:

1) Feels like playing: I love it when working out feels like playing. Participants were laughing while working their muscles.

2) Coaches and co-founder: I met two coaches and one co-founder last night. They were extremely nice to me and offered support. Congratulations on the community you've created.

3) Added confidence: I feel more confident right now because I was able to perform many new skills and so can you if you try Aerial Antics.