Iron X Fitness Inc. - Be Flexy!

I haven't written in a while. I get really busy during the school year teaching a grade 5 class. Earlier this week, I visited Iron X Fitness Inc.

At Iron X Fitness, their main focus is building a community where you feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging. They have a strong support system that builds confidence, self-esteem, and is family oriented.

Here's a video that explains what they're all about.

The facility:

The facility is located at 85 Plymouth Street in Ottawa. It's conveniently located because it's a minute (not even) away from the highway. The following video shows you exactly what is offered at Iron X Fitness.

Iron X Fitness offers many classes. They offer pole fitness (intro, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and spin pole), group fitness (WOD, HardCORE, Kettlebell, Be Flexy, Floor Play and Cardio Kickboxing) and yoga (hatha and power). They also offer classes for kids and youth (aerial arts, learning how to cook and etc).

They have so many activities at Iron X Fitness, it's actually kind of mind boggling. They also offer personal training, holistic nutrition services, massages, parties and workshops.

Agatsu is even coming to teach a kettlebell workshop February 18 and 19.

I don't see how someone could ever get bored with all these classes. The variety of classes is simply amazing. I have a feeling that if you become a client, you will remain one for a very long time.

The trainer:

Karolyne LaFortune was my trainer for the Be Flexy class. She also happens to be the owner of Iron X Fitness.

Here's a list of her many qualifications:

Certified Personal Trainer - CSEP-CPT
Certified Pole Instructor - PoleandAerial
Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner - OFC
Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT200
Yoga Tune-Up - Roll Model Method
Graduate of Fitness and Health Promotion - Algonquin College

So yeah, she knows her stuff and it showed. She could easily demonstrate all of the exercises. She also explained why we did them and that's very important. Even though I was only there for the one session, I saw that she created a nice community. The other participants were also very nice to me and they made me feel welcome. Good job Karolyne!

The workout

I tried the Be Flexy class. At a Be Flexy class, you will learn mobility and dynamic stretching techniques for injury prevention that will help your overall range of motion. Karolyne managed to show me a few new stretches and flexibility exercises (I've been a personal trainer for 10 years and it can be hard to find new ways to train). 

What I especially enjoyed about the workout was the cool and relaxed environment. The music was good. The stretching felt nice. All and all, it was a very good experience.

3 reasons to come here:

1) I really feel you can improve your physical literacy with all of the different classes you can take.

2) Karolyne was very knowledgeable and made working out fun. She's also bilingual (that's a big + for me).

3) The location of the facility is great. It's right off the highway.

I'll finish my blog post with a couple of videos so that you can better understand what Iron X Fitness is all about.