AlexKazam Adult Gymnastics part 2 - AKG Open Gym Night

Alex from AKG invited me to his Open Gym Night. This was my second time at AKG. You can read about my first time by clicking here.

Last night's open gym was the first of many structured open gym style gymnastics nights. Over 20 adults got together to improve their gymnastic skills all while having fun. We started with a gymnastics warm-up (which was the coolest warm-up I've ever done; more on that below), a quick round of conditioning and stations that allowed us to practice our skills. We finished the evening with free time.

We did so many things last night that it's hard to remember them all. Let's start with the warm-up. Did you ever play follow the leader as a kid? You most likely did. That's exactly what we did for our warm-up. However, we had to follow our leader over and under beams, while jumping on trampolines, using parallel bars and etc. It was honestly the coolest warm-up I've ever done. After follow the leader, Alex put us through a mobility and flexibility routine and that concluded our warm-up.

We then got split up into three groups and we did stations. In those stations we worked on running, flipping and jumping. We also worked on parallel bars, balance beams and uneven bars. In total, we did 6 stations and the three coaches made us work pretty hard all while having fun. The night ended with some free time where participants could work on the skills they wanted.

What's the most impressive about Alex is his ability to create a community. If you haven't heard of AKG yet, check out his free 30 Day Pulling Challenge on Facebook and Instagram. You can easily catch up with his Youtube playlist. Here's a nice video that explains the challenge.

There will be more videos of last night's open gym as soon as I receive them from Alex. Until then, join the community and try the 30 Day Pulling Challenge.