K2 Martial Arts & Fitness - K2XFIT and Kickboxing with Sensei Arthur

This was my 2nd time at K2 Martials Arts & Fitness - Orléans. You can read my blog post about my first time by clicking here.

I showed up at the dojo around 7:15 pm to start my 7:30 pm training. I was greeted by Sensei Pat and Sensei Arthur. They made me feel like I was part of the community with their camaraderie. I also felt confident because Sensei Pat had given me a one on one introduction course, which is a great way to get to know one another (the client and the instructor).

Part 1 of my training was a 30 minutes K2XFIT workout. This felt like a bootcamp/ high-intensity interval training (HIIT). But it was a very cool bootcamp with great training tools. We used the punching bags and the TRX. We did some box jumps. This neat full body exercise was my favorite by far:

After the K2XFIT workout, which included some sprinting, jumping, striking and bodyweight exercices, the participants and I took part in K2's regular kickboxing class. I forgot how much kickboxing was fun and challenging (especially for the mind/body connection). Connecting those combos was a fun challenge.

Here's how the workout went down:

We started off with some footwork. I kinda felt like Ali for a few seconds. Afterwards, a veteran kickboxer of the dojo made us do a great dynamic warm-up.

Sensei Arthur then showed us the different punches (jab, cross and hook) we would throw and the different kicks. Here are some videos of me in action:

Here's a video of the different punches we learned/practiced/improved:

Here's a video of me kicking:

As you can see, I'm training with a regular member. Even though she wasn't the sensei, she helped me a lot by giving me tips. I really enjoyed the community aspect of this dojo.

A little bit more of the trainer, Sensei Arthur:

From one trainer to another, what I liked most about Sensei Arthur was he offered many progressions to his clients. He would have a back-up exercise planned if we couldn't perform the move with efficiency. He would have a back-up exercise planned if we mastered what he asked of us. 

Sensei Arthur walks the walk and talks the talk. He was a great coach but you can obviously see that he's also a great kickboxer. In fact, he's been kickboxing for 11 years.

Lastly, a lot of emphasis was put on technique. He wanted us to master the technique before throwing punches and kicks quickly. That's a great quality in a coach/trainer/sensei.

Here are my top three reasons to train here:

1) K2 made me feel welcome. All were nice: the manager, the front desk administrator, the sensei and the participants. They've created a nice family over at K2.

2) The senseis still practice martial arts and it shows. They can all demo what they want you to do. They also watch you closely so that they can give you pointers on how to improve.

3) This one is personal, but I really like that I can speak French to most of the staff. Makes me feel good.

Try them out and tell them you've read this blog!