Pole Etcetera - Superhero Academy

Last night, I participated in a class called Superhero Academy at Pole Etcetera. Superhero Academy is a mixed pole and aerial silks courseThe main goal is to get stronger, improve coordination, and condition the body to continue the aerial arts journey. Today, I wish I had Wolverines regenerative super power. What a workout! My back, arms and legs are definitely feeling it as I type.

Pole Etcetera is located in Orléans. They are the newest, locally owned, dance and fitness studio in Ottawa and the the first studio to open doors in Orléans. The studio offers the unique way of making fitness fun!

Classes take place in large area of approximately 1900 sq feet divided into two zones, with a ceiling height of 13 feet, offering space for the most complex pole fitness and aerial silks tricks. The studio is equipped with a wide mirror wall presenting a perfect opportunity to master your moves.

The workout:

Exercises we did on the pole:
Static mode:
 - 6-count exercise (pull up - down - sit - lay down - sit up - stand up)
 - Chinese climb 
 - Frog sit

 - Side crunches (where obliques are working)

Spin mode:
 - hold and spin (elbows extended)
 - hold and spin with the pull up

Aerial silks:
 - straight elbow hang + spell the name of a super hero
 - bent elbow hang + spin
 - Foot lock (where you are standing on the fabric)
 - Gun squat while in foot lock
 - Straddle back (where you go upside down)

 - Straddle back variation with back bend
 - Cocoon (hammock) at the end :)

The instructor:

Tatiana obviously had loads of experience. She could easily demonstrate all of the moves and made them look so easy and fun. At the first, the moves weren't easy but loads of fun. However, I felt more confident and stronger as the class progressed and what I thought was hard at first became easier. Tatiana was always there to encourage us. She was always looking out for our best interest by offering progressions and regressions of every movement. She cares about her clients and made sure we stretched at the end of our session. I highly recommend her.

Other classes available:

There are so many classes available here such as pole dancing, aerial silks, yoga, stretch and bend, ballet & barre and etc. Check out the full list of classes by clicking here.

My top three reasons to try Pole Etcetera:

#1 Viacheslav and Tatiana were great at making me feel welcome. Viacheslav offered me a water bottle. Tatiana greeted me immediately at the entrance. Thanks for having me!

#2 Enjoyment! I really enjoyed the Superhero Academy class. I will go back with my wife as part of our fitness date nights.

#3 Location! I always enjoy a good workout in Orléans. There was lots of parking. That's always a bonus. 

Bonus point: They wrote Orléans with an "accent aigu''. As a French Canadian, I would like to say: