AlexKazam Adult Gymnastics part 1 - AKG Level 1

''The goal is to live longer, feel better and move better'' 

I met Alex last night, the owner of AlexKazam Gymnastics. AK Gymnastics is located at the Ottawa Gymnastics Centre. Alex represented his province, PEI, 7 times at the Canadian National Championships. You can read more about his credentials here.

His gymnastics program is based on a level system. I took part in his level 1 class. The AKG Level 1 is a fundamental gymnastics strength class designed for any level, from beginners to experienced athletes. Students will dial in the basics and improve mobility, strength and endurance for more advanced movement and skill.

Here's a 2 minute video that explains very well what Alex and his AKG program is about:

You can learn more about his AKG Level 2, AKG Level 3, Movement and Skills programs here.

During the AKG Level 1 class, Alex stressed the importance of maintaining a good range of motion (ROM) throughout all of the exercises and we did a nice joint movement preparation. During the variety of exercises we did to improve our flexibility and prep our muscles and joints, Alex always made us do the basics and then clearly explained what type of gymnastic movement we could progress to once we get stronger at the basics.

If you attend an AKG Level 1 class, you can expect to work on your flexibility/ROM, pushing techniques, pulling techniques, squatting techniques, dipping and core strength. These are what he calls the basics of gymnastics and he explains them very well by always telling us what could come next.

At the end of the session Alex showed us a few of the skills a client could learn if they attend a Skills session. You can see Alex in action as he coaches me.

I just showed you my first tries at both exercises. My first try wasn't pretty but Alex made me look really cool afterwards. Even a regular Joe like me felt like a gymnast.

Here are my top three reasons to come to AlexKazam Gymnastics:

1) Alex is a skilled gymnasts with a calm demeanor. I appreciated that because gymnastics takes a lot of concentration and you need a knowledgeable and patient coach to help you improve your physical literacy.

2) Alex is a pro coach. He has a game plan and he sticks to it. What I mean by that is some coaches might of wanted to impress me and make me do some things that I wouldn't be quite ready to do. Alex stuck to the basics with me. Trust me, that's a hard thing to do as a coach. Knowing when to progress is important to keep your clients healthy and progressing at a regular pace. Good job coach Alex! He also provided some good progressions for his veteran clients that were there with us.

3) Gymnastics! Gymnastics! Gymnastics! There's a lot of articles and research right now about developing your physical literacy, your movement skills and your ABC's of fitness. Gymnastics is probably the best sport that will help you get strong, fit and physically literate.

If you enjoy gymnastics or you are curious about it check out the 2017 Summer Handstand Challenge. Click here to find out more about the challenge.


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