Neak Ta Part 2 - S.A.M'S (Simulating Action Movements on Screen) Ottawa Stunt Team

I was feeling nervous for this. Again, I had to step out of my comfort zone. I made my way to S.A.M'S (Simulating Action Movements on Screen) Ottawa Stunt Team around 10 AM. S.A.M's is located at 1181 Rockingham Ave or 1406 Bank in the back up the stairs. Their goal is to help actors to build skills for film sets and increase their acting resume within the Ottawa area and build a strong community of actors to attract film production.

Here's Sam filming the stunt actors. You can read more about Sam by clicking here.

The session started out with some flexibility training. This felt great because as I approach my 30's flexibility is becoming more and more important. Afterwards, we did some break falls. We practiced how to fall safely while selling our movement; we are actors, right ;) well at least they were. Then we got into the main event; air bag jumping.

Here's Tyler Pope, an Ottawa actor practicing his air bag jumping.

As promised on my Facebook page, here I am jumping into the air bag.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to try this gym out:

1) The obvious reason: there's nothing like S.A.M.'s. If you want to learn stunt training and feel like Alain Moussi, you have to come here.

2) The community: I really felt appreciated by Sam and the other actors. Even though I don't act, they made me feel part of the team. Thanks for that, it was much appreciated!

3) The trainer: Sam is an awesome trainer and I learned two new skills in just one week (Muay Thai and Stunt Acting).