Laws of Motion Part 1 - Urban Gymnastics (Parkour)

Laws of Motion is Ottawa's premier Trampoline, Tumbling, Parkour and Aerial Silks gymnastics club. Yesterday night, I had the pleasure to get out of my comfort zone and try parkour and I'm glad that there's a gym in Ottawa teaching the fundamentals of this great sport in a safe environment.

If you don't know what Parkour is check out this video before reading my blog post in order to better understand how amazing this sport is:

The session started with a general warm-up consisting of a simple yet really effective follow the leader type activity. After that, we did a sport specific warm-up where the coaches taught some of the basic jumping mechanics. I thought the warm-up was great. It gradually increased muscle temperature and allowed the body time to adjust blood flow. Most importantly, it allowed me the time to prepare mentally for the workout (did I mention that I was out of my comfort zone?).

There were two coaches to help us during the session, coach Nick P. and coach Ryan (there will be more on them later). Coach Nick took a few of the veteran participants to work on their trampoline skills. Coach Ryan took me and some of the other participants and we worked on basic tumbling and jumping skills. The coaches then made us go through a circuit style training but with gymnastics and parkour moves. If you want to learn and sweat, this is the place for you. I found myself taking a few breaks to catch my breath.

Check out this video showing examples of what I've learned in just one lesson:

I want to take the time to write to you about the coaches. They were fantastic. First off, there's coach Ryan. a level 3 certified coach and an ex-member of the National gymnastics team. Ryan was a great and patient coach. He made us believe that we could do more than we thought we could. I really liked that about Ryan. I always felt safe when he was spotting me. He even got me to do an assisted backflip on the trampoline.

Here are Ryan's amazing skills on the trampoline:

Helping us as well was coach Nick P. He's a professional parkour athlete. I think I should just show you what he does because it truly is impressive.

Here's Nick P. demonstrating his physical literacy while moving with competence and confidence:

During one of my breaks, I took the time to talk to Nick Grimard, co-owner and level 3 coach about his gym. I like his philosophy. He gives athletes a chance to learn parkour in a safe environment. He also believes that the rec system in gymnastics deserves good coaching and he decided to give quality coaching to all the gymnasts that want to learn but that don't want to be part of the competitive scene. That's a big bonus for the Ottawa sporting community.

Lastly, I truly think we must get qualified gymnastic coaches in schools. If we're serious about improving the quality of physical education then we must teach gymnastics. Being able to control your body and being physically literate is so important. It gives our students the confidence they need to move freely and participate in a variety of sports. If your school doesn't have a qualified gymnastics coach, please contact Laws of Motion and they will help you out.


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