Human 2.0 part 2 - Primal Movement with Rick

This is my 2nd time visiting Human 2.0 and let me tell you, they truly are on a mission to build better humans. I had the opportunity to try the Primal Movement Class. I've been wanting to try this class all summer and I finally got the chance. I wasn't disappointed.

Primal movement is all about crawling, hopping, hanging, rolling, etc. You will work on static holds, simple movement and patterning.

Right off the start I knew I was in a different class. The members were laughing together and we played a variety of games. That's right, we PLAYED! You will laugh and you will improve your physical literacy and conditioning while playing. I wholeheartedly believe that adults have forgotten how to play. Throughout the class, you could often hear Rick, our coach, laughing and you could see him having fun. Subsequently, all of the members, including myself, were laughing and enjoying ourselves in an environment where we were trying a variety of movement patterns.

Here's Rick's blog:

Here's what the workout looked like:

1. We started the session with a dynamic warm-up/jog with some dynamic movements such as hopping, carioca, knees up and etc.

2. Afterwards, we did some standing long jumps forward and backwards (two legged and one legged). We mimicked a few animal based movements such as bear crawls and etc.

3. Coach Rick introduced me to some partner games (games that I will be using for my physical education class). Here's an example of one of the games we played. The first game was about making your partner move. Partner A tried to touch partner B with his feet or hands in a slow and controlled manner. Partner B had to move his body to avoid being touched.

4. We then worked on our tumbling skills and this is where Coach Rick taught us some of the technical skills (ie. how to properly tumble forward and backwards).

5. We worked on our balance by walking in a variety of ways on balance beams.

6. Lastly, we finished the session with a few medicine ball games such as racing in an obstacle course and a tossing and catching game.

Why should you try the Primal Movement Class?

1. Coach Rick's philosophy on moving is amazing. Here's an example of why his philosophy is awesome: He wanted our input on our last activity. So he asked us, ''What do you want to play?'' He didn't ask us ''What do you want to do?'' He wanted us to play. When you play, you move and when you move you learn.

2. Coach Rick's planning allowed participants to often choose what they want to do and improve. There were two moments when Rick allowed us to choose what we could do. The first one was when a few participants didn't feel like tumbling so they decided to work on the Olympic rings. The second moment was at the end when we got to choose how to end our session.

3. All of the reasons mentioned in part 1 of my blog post.

***Attention all physical education teachers***

You must try this class. You will improve your own physical literacy (practicing what you preach is important). You will have fun. You will learn and you will work hard. I strongly believe that physical literacy should be lived. Not only will you improve, this class will give you ideas for  when you teach physical education. I strongly recommend this class.