Human 2.0 part 1 - Regular Group with Tyler

I just came back from an interesting (in a very good way!) workout today at Human 2.0. I'll let you know why in a bit. Human 2.0 is a unique (more on this later) facility located on Thurston Drive in Ottawa. is co-owned and co-managed by Dr Chris Raynor and Mandy Raynor.

Here's more information about the owners of Human 2.0:

Chris practices what he preaches because he joined Tyler's workout. Find out more about Chris' philosophy on fitness and movement by clicking here.

Mandy is the person who greeted me and she made me feel right at home even though it was my first workout!

Here's some information about today's coach, Tyler!

The workout and why I really enjoyed it:

We started the workout with a nice dynamic warm-up to get ready. We jogged around the beautiful turf and added some dynamic movements (knees up, shuffling etc.).

After the warm-up, the workout was split up into 3 parts (structural, conditioning and a skill-based strength work).

Today, I tried 9 new exercises that I had never done in the past. It's great to try new gyms and trainers. Coach Tyler even got me to do a handstand, which I've never done before.

Here's a video that shows you Human 2.0's Group Fitness. Most of the exercises done today are featured in the video below.

Why should you come here?

1) I have yet to see another facility like this one. There are so many services offered here:
- Sports Medicine
- Rehabilitation
- Group Fitness
- Master's Program
- Sports Performance
- Corporate Wellness
- Nutrition
- Education
- Custom Bracing

I had never seen a training facility co-owned by a doctor. I thought that was unique.

2) I really enjoyed Tyler as a trainer. Tyler is also the owner of Caveman Strong in Cornwall. Check him out if you're ever in Cornwall. You're in good hands when Tyler is your trainer. He takes care of his clients by training you safely and intelligently. He offers many regressions and progressions with spot on coaching cues. His sessions are well planned. We did many exercises that required us to have breaks in between reps and that's where he dropped his knowledge on us so we didn't waste time. I can without a doubt say that I got a good workout and learned a lot about movement. Find out more about Tyler by watching this video:

3) The community feeling you get when you walk in. All of the veteran clients greeted me. There were clients of many different age groups (female and male). Mandy did a great job greeting all of her new and old clients. I really felt welcome.

I will be back this Saturday to check out their Primal Movement class. I cannot wait!


  1. Tyler is the real deal! Content pour toi que tu as eu la chance de le rencontrer et d'avoir du temps avec lui dans une classe. Je suis intéressé de t'en parler davantage quand on se verra à J.-S.

  2. It was a really nice experience. J'envoie un courriel à mes collègues d'éducation physique bientôt.


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