Spartan Health

Today, I met Pete Aronis, the founder and head coach of Spartan 
Health. I had the pleasure of having him as my personal trainer. He also offers boxing lessons, athletic strength & conditioning lessons and semi private classes. Pete is a great coach that believes in training movement and working the whole kinetic chain. I was very satisfied with Pete because he was personable by paying attention to
what I was saying. He was organized and planned an original workout (more on that later). He was compassionate by providing me with a safe and non-intimidating workout environment. Lastly and most importantly, Pete's knowledge about training is above and beyond what I've seen. He is not only an excellent trainer, he's also a great teacher. If you train at Spartan Health, you will get a physical workout and you will also learn so much.

Pete uses great tools to improve his athletes and clients. I trained with him for 1.5 hours and I had never done any of the exercises he showed me (I've been a personal trainer for 10 years and I've been training for 14 years). That really impressed me.

Part 1 of my workout (balance boards):

Pete made me do a lot of balance work for my warm-up. He had a variety of balance boards that made me work hard on maintaining a specific body position in either a stationary or dynamic situation. Pete stresses the importance of taking care of your feet and lower body.

Part 2 of my workout (Indian Clubs):

After working out my lower body and ankle mobility, we used the Indian Clubs to improve my shoulder strength, flexibility and mobility. This was a great challenge for the brain as well because you can do a variety of movements and sequences. Check out this video or this one from Agatsu. You'll understand what I mean.

Once Pete made me progress with the Indian Clubs I really got to work on my coordination by using all my body parts together to produce smooth and fluid movements. As a trainer, Pete knows when to progress or slow it down by offering you the best and safest workout possible.

Part 3 of my workout (Bulgarian Bag Training System):

Once again, Pete showed me some new equipment. This time, we used the Bulgarian Bag Training System to work the whole body. The best way to explain the Bulgarian Bag is by simply watching this video:

The Bulgarian Bag is a great tool that allows the user to perform multi-joint movements using the upper body and lower body. The key is to keep a good posture and Pete was always there to remind me. 

Part 4 of my work out (The Gladiator Wall Drum Pulley Friction):

Pete showed me another fitness tool I had never used before, the Drum Pulley Friction.

Here's how the Drum Pulley works:

This exercise targeted my arms and shoulders and I felt it after a few rounds of pulling. I feel like Pete could of showed me 100 more exercises with the pulley system and the Gladiator Wall but I had already been there for 1.5 hours. That's how knowledgeable and passionate he was about helping others.

Here are my top three reasons to check out Spartan Health:

#1 Pete is a great teacher. You'll get your workout and then some. He's a great teacher and you'll learn many new things about fitness.

#2 I absolutely loved all of the fitness tools (balance boards, Indian Clubs, Bulgarian Bags and the Gladiator Wall).

#3 Pete's passion really shows that he's a trainer for the right reasons. He truly wishes for his clients to have a healthy lifestyle. Pete practices what he preaches. He was able to fully demonstrate all of the exercises and made it look cool.